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Is shipping free?
Yes, delivery within the EU is included in the price.

*Some works of art require special transport, this is stated on the purchase page. For express or shipping outside the EU, we provide a quote.

What happens if a work of art breaks in shipping?
We pack our artworks in the best way to ensure they don't break. If the accident should still happen, we are responsible for you getting an identical or equivalent work sent to you. You first report the damage, send us an e-mail with a picture and tell us what happened.

What happens if the delivery is delayed?
Contact us as soon as you can and we will find the best solution. We cannot guarantee delivery times with regular shipping. If you want a specific time guaranteed, we have to arrange special transport. We will help with this.

Can you deliver anywhere?
Yes, we give quotes for transport to all places with an address.



Can I cancel my purchase?
Yes, you have the right to return the item within 14 days if it is in its original condition.

Is the return cost included in the purchase?
We offer free shipping, the return cost is your responsibility.



What is a unique work?
A work of art that only exists in one copy. Often signed by the artist.

What does edition mean?
That the artwork/graphics were made in a specific edition. If it e.g. created 100 copies, they are also numbered 1/100, 2/100, etc. 

Are all artworks signed?
The artist has approved and signed the artwork. If the work itself is not signed, a certificate of authenticity is included. (Information can be found on the product page.)

What is sold unsigned?
Products such as posters, clothes and design objects are usually not signed even if they are made in a limited edition.

Quick help to understand different ways to create images:

Screen printing, the image is a through print and the color is pressed against the paper (or on other surfaces) through a stencil frame. 

Fine Art Prints are high quality digital prints using permanent ink and paper.

Gravure printing, made with plates where the motif is etched or drawn in. Each plate is smeared with paint and then the plate is pressed once under high pressure against the paper. 

Photography, pictures taken with a camera that are printed on high quality photo paper. (Photos can also be transferred to other materials such as glass, wood or canvas.)

Painting, are hand painted pictures in one copy usually on canvas or paper.

Drawing, are pictures drawn by hand, usually on paper.

Mixed technology, are different techniques and materials that are mixed, e.g. collage.

Print on demand means that we produce directly upon order. We have no stock.

What does "utfallande bild" mean?
That the motif goes all the way to the edge.

Why is there such a big price difference between different works of art?
There are a number of factors that affect the price of a work of art. How long it took to make the artwork, if the artist is recognized/known, exclusivity, if there are many similar works, the cost of the material, etc.



What is box framing?
When framing a box, we use distance so that the image is a bit inside the glass. In normal framing, the picture is close to the glass. You can make box frames in many ways with and without passepartout. Box framing often gives an exclusive feel.

What is passepartout?
To create a small distance between the image and the glass, acid-free cardboard is often used to frame the work. It can be made in different widths, in white or black. With or without passepartout is a matter of taste, some motifs become more beautiful with an extra frame inside the picture frame. 

When is acid-free paper used?
An acid-free paper lasts a long time and does not yellow. It is important to remember when framing the picture that all material close to the picture must be acid-free. Otherwise, the image may "weather to shreds". 

Why is there such a big difference between frame prices?
We mostly use high-quality framing with acid-free cardboard. If you use acid-free material and high-quality frames, the price will be higher. The glass also differs, the best glass "Art Glass" costs more as it does not have reflections that can "disrupt" the image. 



Do you use organic cotton?
We have organic cotton hats, bags and t-shirts and we are working to expand our range.

Are your t-shirts normal in size?
Yes, and we have sizes in the range for children, juniors, women and men.

Are your leggings a normal size?
They are slightly larger.

Are your caps normal in size?
They are small.

Are your caps normal in size?

Are caps available in baby/junior sizes?
No. But we have t-shirts and baby bodysuits for the little ones!

Can I have special variants made?
Yes it's possible.


Something not included here? Send us your question: shop@pionystudio.com

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