Jakten på mineraler

Nya tavlor av konstnären Camilla Flink som gått på mineraljakt online. Camilla har i sin konst blickat bakåt i hist...

Geology & Minerals

Collection inspired by historic hunts for geological finds.

Landberk Vinyl - Indian Summer

Cover design " Really Authentic", photos, tactile, paper, trash, nature and history.

What People? - We! You I!

What People's collection is available for purchase here. Support local people who want to protect nature.

The art book Da-ta

A beautiful art catalog with 810 images summarizing Transposition Industries' research.

Jewelery for everyday life and parties

Tove Knuts is an interesting silversmith who works with many different materials, e.g. crocheted, textile, wood and ...


Motifs from an active outdoor life become graphic prints and patterns.

Care advice and information about our clothes

We have clothes for the whole family. In order for you to find the right model, there is a size guide on all product ...

Transposition Industries

Science becomes sound, becomes art, becomes graphics, becomes t-shirt, becomes wearable art.

Buying guide for choosing the right graphics

We summarize what is acid-free paper, box framing, fine art prints, drawing, painting, graphics and posters.

Artist working with hair

Wigs as graphics and ponytail gym bags. Camilla Flink explores boundaries in nature and fashion.

We talk about hair in the media

Artwork, glitter beards, dyed armpits and wigs.
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