Diptych - The ones we left behind

Product image 1Diptyk av glas, spännande blått foto med kristalliserade träd. Diptyk av konstnären C.Flink
Product image 2Detalj av diptyken som består av två tavlor som är sneda och hänger en bit från väggen
Product image 3Närbild av glaskonstverket "De vi lämnade", konstnär C.Flink

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Art piece of shiny glass that "floats" a bit from the wall. The artwork is ready to hang and consists of two separate paintings that are tilted. (You can choose the distance between them yourself.)

"The ones we left behind" is a frosty image from a car journey where someone and something has been left behind.

Signed artwork in a limited edition (Limited Edition) of 5 pieces.

Total width with two paintings hanging next to each other approx: 100 cm

Size of a painting: Width 39.5 Height 67 cm

Artist: C. Flink 2016



Has been shown at an exhibition for contemporary photography, Konstnärshuset in Stockholm 2016. Five diptychs are produced and signed by the artist.

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