Geology & Minerals

Now comes a really exciting collection from the artist Camilla Flink, who studied old geology books and went mineral hunting.

In Piony Studio's e-commerce, we have clothes with nice patterns from this art project. Stylish yoga pants and backpacks that have the collection's hallmark, the contrasting wedges. We will stock up on more products and art objects with Geology as a theme. Do not miss!



Camilla has looked back at the curious expeditions of history where people traveled around the world to map and draw various finds. One thing that people sought in the past and which is still the focus of our civilization's growth today is the hunt for valuable minerals. Camilla has bought minerals at online auctions and we will be adding more artworks here in our shop. Do not miss!

C. Flink says : "I have long been interested in man's romanticizing attitude to nature and have worked with the theme in different ways, such as in the artworks De we left and Island Broken Up . It is so easy to see how our civilization has been created with the extraction of natural resources. But the complex relationship we humans have with nature means that we gradually destroy our environment in the hunt for minerals and other things. As an artist, I work with this theme to investigate where different boundaries are drawn and why."


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