The art book Da-ta

We now have some of these fine books in stock! A beautiful art book with 810 images summarizing Transposition Industries' research.

Transposition Industries has worked with research where scientific data has been transformed into art. The group's members Michael Schwab, Gerhard Eckel and David Pirro have for a long time worked on generating visual forms from mathematical data, such as e.g. from sound waves. The book Data documents their work during the period 2014-2017. The book was published by MER Paper Kunsthalle in 2017, the book has a white paper cover and is a real piece with 810 graphic images.

Data - Art book by Transposition Industries

Examples, pictures from the book

Image Transposition Industries
Image from the book Data
Transposition Industries

Transposition Industries tells us about the pictures: "All pictures have been produced in this way: Chosen graphics have been printed on translucent paper and then re-photographed on a background having some kind of texture (the back of a plasterboard wall), converted to gray scale .”

Audio browser:

Take the opportunity and buy a copy of this fine book! In Piony Studio's e-commerce you can also buy t-shirts and pillows with Transposition Industries' interesting images .

T-SHIRT – Interferences

The image "Interferences" on this t-shirt, was created in the experiment "The making of Killen" , image 287 in the art book Data . Transposition Industries, Zurich 2016.

The making of the guy - Transposition Industries

Links for those who want to read more about Transposition Industries, in English:

DA TA Rush, Transposition not Exhibition , 2016, Vienna, Austria.

Transposition : From science to art (and back ) , 2017, Stockholm, Sweden.

Exploring Formats, Enriching Practice , 2018, Graz, Austria.


Transposition Industries is an artist collective involving Gerhard Eckel, Michael Schwab, and David Pirrò. In the project Transpositions - Artistic Data Exploration they investigated the possibility of generating new auditory and visual forms based on the analysis and mathematical transformation of scientific data.

Transposition Industries first collective work was Rebody . A video and installation piece in which the captured motion of a dancer is transformed into a dynamic drawing that informs a musical composition. An intense collaboration followed in the context of the artistic research project Transpositions - Artistic Data Exploration which produced many artworks, events and publications.

Gerhard Eckel is an artist using sound to explore ways of world making. His works are the result of research processes drawing on practices of music composition, sound art, choreography and dance, installation art, interaction design and digital instrument making. Gerhard is professor of Computer Music and Multimedia at the University of Music and Performing Arts Graz. He also serves as professor affiliate at the KTH Royal Institute of Technology and guest professor at the Royal College of Music in Stockholm.

Gerhard Eckel homepage 

Michael Schwab is an artist and artistic researcher who interrogates post-conceptual uses of technology in a variety of media including photography, drawing, printmaking and installation art. He holds a PhD in photography from the Royal College of Art, London, that focuses on post-conceptual post-photography and artistic research methodology. He is co-initiator and inaugural Editor-in-Chief of JAR, the Journal for Artistic Research.

Michael Schwab homepage

David Pirro is an sound artist and researcher based in Graz, Austria. His works include interactive compositions and sound installations as well as audiovisual and electroacoustic pieces in which performative and spatial aspects are central. Departing from a radical inclusive point of view, he seeks ways of composing by which the work of art is constructed through mutual interaction of the agents involved in its performance. David is currently working at the IEM (Institute of Electronic Music and Acoustics) as a lecturer and collaborating in various scientific and artistic research projects.

David Pirrò homepage

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