We talk about hair in the media

Listen to how the role of hair in politics, fashion and culture is discussed on Sweden's radio. How wigs are used and how people are treated with or without hair. Camilla Flink talks about Hairy Art and trends with glitter in the beard and colored armpits. Don't miss tips from the Gay Beards on how to decorate your beard with flowers!

We need to talk about the hair in P1 - 2016

Swedish Radio's program series where presenters Clara Lee Lundberg and Ahmed Berhan discuss hair with various experts. In the first program Hair and aesthetics , we hear from Philip Warkander , doctor of fashion science, the artist Camilla Flink and then we get to accompany Tomas Eriksson to the beauty salon.

Hair and aesthetics

In the second program Hår och religion , we hear Lena Roos , docent in religious history, Terje Østigård docent in archeology and then we get to follow Ester Soae who sells wigs.

In the third program Hår och politik , we hear Salem Yohannes , political scientist, sociologist Lars Holmberg and artist Fernanda Ribeiro .

In the fourth program Hair and psychology , we hear Maria Redig , psychotherapist, psychology researcher Jesper Enander and Natasja Biasi who lives with the diagnosis of Alopecia.


P1 Morning - 2015

Interview with Camilla Flink, about body hair, Sveriges Radio, "The loaded hair" 16 July 2015.

P4 Extra - 2015

Interview with Camilla Flink in Sveriges Radio, Susanne Fatah 8 August 2015.


Free Your Armpits! - 2015

Fre Your Pits Movements are groups that want to inspire and show a creative approach to body hair.Article In The New Your Times - Women Who Dye Their (Armpit) Hair


Flowers in the beard! - 2015

Decorate the beard with flowers, glitter or... just about anything. Check out the tips from the founders of "The Gay Beards".

Hair that touches - 2007

Svenska Dagbladet writes in the Kulturbilagan about Camilla Flink's art project "Hairy Fashion". Erica Trejs: www.svd.se/artikel_709355

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