Artist working with hair

In the works of art, you find intricate details and a deep story that we only get to know bit by bit, in layers upon layers. The artist Camilla Flink has researched about our relationship to hair and fashion. In the Piony Studio shop, some of this art is available for purchase. Check out the pictures with wigs and hair accessories that have become her signature.

Camilla tells us, what makes hair so exciting?

"I have read a lot about hair, both philosophical, fashion and design historical material. It is clear that the relationship to hair is the most charged topic about of our body. Hair is very intimate and individual. Something that belongs to the body and is private. But hair is also just trash tossed in the bin.

Nice Hairy Book

In my art I test what makes us feel one way or another. I am interested in our current time, what is shown or hidden away. Right now I'm involved in projects that deal with nature and how frontiers are moved in our relationship to it. I bring up memories and break apart images.

Take this with food as an example, many people have opinions about what is right or wrong for health. Ethical boundaries are clearly visible in the relationship to food. There is also a romanticizing, projected onto how we manage agriculture and nature to produce food. Which animals are considered ok to eat, or not. The ambivalent relationship to nature and so-called naturalness is also present when body hair is discussed. That a hairy armpit can be provocative for someone is quite strange and in a way exciting.

Technically, I like to work with materials that provide resistance or that provide a surprising effect. I work with ideas and do not limit myself to any particular form.” /C.Nice



Camilla Flink works interdisciplinary as an artist and design strategist. Camilla has a Master of Fine Arts Degree in design and has received awards such as the Royal Academy of Arts' studio scholarship, Bryggare J. C Jacobsen's portrait prize and Ann Margret Lindell's graphics scholarship. Is represented by the State Council of the Arts, K-shareholder in Grafikens Hus and member of the Artists' House.


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