Peter Huber is an Art Director with a focus on brands and magazine design in food, travel, sports and leisure. Peter is active all year round and is passionate about sports and nature. Loves snow and lake life, mountain biking in the mountains, goes on fishing trips in the archipelago. Peter runs a local brewery in Härjedalen and the company Huberworld AB in Stockholm.

We are happy to sell Peter Huber's fine patterns in Piony Studio. Now for the summer we sell t-shirts in models for women and men. T-shirts for children and juniors as well as a charming soft baby body . Don't miss Peter's collection here in our webshop!

Peter's trip to Svalbard in 2019 provided inspiration and knowledge about how climate change affects life there. We hope to see more of his pictures of snow and ice here in Piony Studio. Peter is involved in several exciting projects, here we have collected some links for those of you who want to read more.

Here you will find Peter's entire collection in Piony Studio.

Peter and Karin Huber's company creates designs for many active brands. Huberworld AB

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