Jewelery for everyday life and parties

We are very happy to present Tove Knut's jewelry, which can be the little extra in your outfit. Use for everyday or parties!

Tove Knuts has her workshop in Stockholm and works with several interesting materials. She makes luxurious jewelry from found junk and creates exclusive handmade jewelry from silver. Tove works with molecular formations that become earrings, necklaces and brooches. Now you can buy some of these here in Piony Studio!

My Reality

Tove Knut's organic molecular-shaped crocheted jewelry was shown at her solo exhibition Nutida Svenskt Silver 2019. Now she has crocheted a unique brooch that is placed over the shoulder. A unique piece of wearable art specially made for Piony Studio.

Tove Knuts talks about the production. " My fascination with crochet began when I realized that the technique can be used in my work as a jewelry artist. That with such a simple tool as a crochet hook and yarn I can create unique creations. A new world has opened up, now I have found a way of working and an organic design language that is difficult to achieve through any other technique than crochet."

Silver jewelry - Molekyl

Of course we have Tove Knut's silver jewelery here in PionyStudio. We have necklaces, necklaces and molecular shaped earrings. These variants are only available for purchase here in our e-commerce. Buy as a gift, or for yourself!

Tove Knuts says: " For Piony Studio I manufacture bent earrings with a lightly polished and oxidized finish. They catch the light so nicely. The necklace and earrings, MOLECULE, are perfect as everyday jewelery as they are a little smaller in size."

Crocheted shoulder brooch by Tove Knuts



Molekyl necklace by Tove Knuts

About Tove Knuts

Tove Knuts, born in 1969, has an MFA master's degree in metal design/precious lab from Konstfack in 2005. Tove is represented at the National Museum in Stockholm and a member of Nutida Svenskt Silver. She has won a prize for jewelry made from recycled materials at the Legnica silver festival in Poland. Tove has shown her works at several notable exhibitions, most recently "Quarantina" at Galleri Sebastian Schildt where she showed her face masks. Mouth guard "A la Orville Peck" made of cotton fabric, fringes and rubber.

Buy Tove Knut's jewelery here in Piony Studio

Feel free to follow Tove's work on Instagram: TOVE KNUTS THE MAKER


Contemporary Swedish Silver

Photographer: Sara Danielsson

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