Buying guide for choosing the right graphics

What is the difference between graphics and posters?

Graphics are works of art that are printed in various ways on a surface, usually fine paper. There are a variety of techniques. Sometimes only a single graphic sheet is made or there is no limit to the number at all. We write if it is a unique work (only one exists) or if it is a numbered and limited edition. Edition (Limited Edition) is indicated on the graphic. If it e.g. says 1/100, then it is picture no. 1 of a total of 100. The price is higher if there is only one unique copy.

In our studio we make fine art prints. We use acid-free paper that is between 250-320 g. A thick luxurious paper with a fine structure. Acid-free paper is age-resistant and does not yellow as quickly as regular paper does. Our fine art prints are sent as loose sheets in a folder, or framed art pice ready to hang.

We make posters "print on demand" with our superb 12 color printer, on a paper that is between 120-180 g. Posters are always "Open Edition", with no number, and therefore have a lower price. We make posters in the formats 50×70 cm and 70×100 cm, they are sent in rolls.


Box framing gives an exclusive feel. When framing a box, we use distance so that the image is a bit inside the glass. A more expensive framing technique, with very nice results.

Art frames that we use for box framing are of the highest quality. Our wooden frames are usually available in white and black.

Anti-reflective glass, Artglass , means that the image is not disturbed by any light reflections. The glass is clear and without color streaks, almost invisible.

Drawings and paintings can be made with different techniques and on different materials. Description is available for each individual artwork. The artist signs the work, which only exists in one copy. Drawings should always be framed, or stored dry if they are to be archived. Canvases used for paintings may be woven from linen, cotton or jute, sometimes in combination with other materials. All canvases are stretched on a wooden frame.

Passepartout can be made in different widths and is available in white and black. With or without passepartout is a matter of taste. Some motifs become more beautiful with an extra frame inside the picture frame. Acid-free passepartout costs more, but if the paper is acid-free then the material should also be acid-free.

Custom made? We help if you want a personal solution. Maybe a signed greeting from the artist, a custom made frame, or gift wrapping.

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