Landberk Vinyl - Indian Summer

We are extra happy to announce Landberk's new release of Indian Summer on vinyl. Hot new LP from the vinyl pressing. Not only that, Camilla Flink has done all the design for the LP cover.

Camilla talks about the artistic process:

"Since we live in a time when very little is Really Genuine, I have chosen to work with an artistic process that starts from the real, not the digital. The common thread in Landberks work and music is that everything is played live and genuine, just like the title of the band's first LP "Riktigt Äkta". I included this into the Design Concept of the cover.

I have picked up trash from nature, a handful on the way to the boat and from the ditch outside the art studio. In the rubbish there is a lot to discover, leaves from last year, remnants from several seasons of life, past and present. It is natural, truly genuine and so far difficult for AI to recreate digitally.

In the studio, I have been working with a complicated process that gives a certain unpredictability. I like to work like that in my art and I don't shy away from testing how untried, unartistic, broken, ugly, knotted and rubbish can become nice, beautiful and finally a neat album cover.

I have photographed trash, old papers and photos from the archive. Paper, layer upon layer, and it is tactile. Memories and history that are passed on to us in the present. The cover of the LP Indian Summer is a photo and every spread in the Booklet about Landberk is also a photo."



Made in Sweden

Landberk was an active band between 1992-1999 and had a special sound with instruments that gave character. Members of the band are Stefan Dimle (bass), Reine Fiske (guitar), Patric Helje (vocals), Jonas Lidholm (drums) and Simon Nordberg (mellotron). Landberk's music was performed and recorded live, Reine's guitar amplifier could pick up radio signals, the Mellotron had ribbons that could cut off, and all music was recorded on reel-to-reel tape. Now Landberk's music will be digitized so that it becomes available to listeners all over the world via Spotify and other digital platforms.

Land Berk on You Tube

Landberk on Spotify

Landberk's official website:


Copyright © LANDBERK Phonographic Copyright ℗ Landberk Records

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