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Tote bag organic cotton WP?


Camilla Flink, initiator, talks about the project. "Many don't know that nature is being destroyed under the pretext of good development. Can something that is harmful to animals and people be good? Nature is pitted against the climate. Local people are pitted against industry. We don't want it that way. Listen, show compassion and cooperate and we will have a better future.

With What People's map, we wanted to make visible, share information and knowledge from different geographical locations. V i put together a group of programmers who worked on a non-profit basis with a Google map where people could attach their own map pins and tell what was happening locally in their immediate environment. In the map, everyone could find geographical places at risk of being damaged by exploitation and find links to local groups working to protect our nature. The need for local help was unfortunately much greater than we in our small group could handle. The map was free to use, but is now dormant. But some other information remains ." www.whatpeople.org

What People's website

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